Open Campus Identity and Launch Materials

When the continuing education arm of The New School decided to rebrand as Open Campus, to better represent is varied offerings, I was tasked with developing a new logo and identity system that related to the larger university but was instantly recognizable as anapproach to education distinctfrom the more traditional degree-seeking options. I designed a variable logo and developed the framework for an identity system that hinges on the customization on a case-by-case basis of the Thin cut of The New School's bespoke typeface Neue, created by Peter Bil'ak. Over the course of several months, I designed a new catalog for the continuing education course offerings, participated in the development of a comprehensive launch campaign strategy, and oversaw and participated in the production of various collateral.
**Animation by Ian Foster**


Inaugural course catalog for continuing education offerings from Open Campus. To introduce the new brand, I created a new format with wider, more expansive pages; featured photography prominently and in an expressive manner; and set the course listings in Parsons red for a lighter, more vibrant page.










SP17_OC Catalog_viewing2.jpg